#grlclbDAAM day 2 - covering your tracks

hello again friends. before we get into any abuse chat, it's important we talk about covering your tracks online.
many abusers will check up on what you have been looking at online. if you are found to have been looking up domestic abuse information, this can potentially put you at risk. many abuse-sepcific websites have a feature in place that allows you to exit the site immediately - but not all websites have this, and sometimes your browsing history can still be accessed. 
below are guidelines on how to delete history from various browsers.
safari (desktop):
in the top window bar on your mac, select ‘history’ > ‘clear history’ - this is found right at the bottom of the drop down menu. it will give you the choice of how far back you wish to delete the browsing history.
safari (iphone):
in safari, press the open book icon in the bottom bar (to the left of the new tab icon). this will take you to bookmarks, reading list, and history - which is the clock icon on the right. at the bottom of the page, there is an option to ‘clear’.
in safari, you can also browse the internet in a ‘private browsing’ window. this means your browsing can’t be tracked, your history is not saved, downloads are kept on your computer but do not appear in the ‘downloads’ list, autofill is not enabled, and your browsing is not saved to iCloud.
to open a new private browsing window: in safari, click ‘file’ > ‘new private window’, or right-click the safari icon in your dock and select ‘new private window’. 
google chrome (desktop):
open chrome, at the top right click ‘more’ > click ‘history’. to clear your history, click ‘clear browsing data’ on the left. a box will appear in which you can choose how much you want to delete. you can also select individual things to delete instead of clearing the entire thing.
google chrome (android):
open the chrome app. at the top right, tap ‘more’ > ‘history’ OR if your address bar is at the bottom, swipe up and tap ‘history’. 
then tap ‘clear history’. next to ‘time range’ select how much history you want to delete. to clear everything tap ‘all time’. 
google chrome (iphone & ipad):
open the chrome app. at the bottom right, tap ‘more’ > ‘history’. tap ‘clear browsing data’. check the ‘browsing history’ box - it may be checked by default. 
mozilla firefox:
click the ‘library’ button > ‘history’ > ‘clear recent history’.
select your time range from the drop down menu. click the ‘clear now’ button.
you can ask firefox to automatically clear your history. click the ‘menu’ button > ‘preferences’. select the ‘privacy & security’ panel and go to the ‘history’ section. 
in the drop-down menu next to ‘firefox will’, choose ‘use custom settings for history’. check the box for ‘clear history when firefox closes’. to specify what types of history should be cleared, click ‘settings’ next to ‘clear history when firefox closes’ > check the ‘browsing & download history’ box > ‘ok’. 
be safe my loves

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