#grlclbDAAM day 5 - physical abuse

day 5
today i’ll be doing a quick run-down of the behaviours associated with physical abuse:
  • slapping, punching you
  • kicking you
  • choking you
  • biting you
  • pulling your hair
  • head-butting you
  • preventing you from eating, or controlling what you eat
  • preventing you from sleeping, or controlling when you sleep
  • threatening you with weapons, or objects that could be used as weapons
  • hurting you with weapons, or objects that could be used as weapons
  • causing harm to people you love - family, friends, children - or pets
  • forcing you to use drugs/alcohol
  • smashing furniture/objects to threaten/intimidate you
this list might seem obvious but it’s important to remember that the mechanism of abuse seeks to ensure that you’ll never really realise that what is being done to you is anything other than normal or deserved. everything that’s on this list is not normal (yes, unless it’s choking/hair-pulling in a consensual sexual context smart-arses). the point is: behaviours like these are not normal if they’re being done *to* you in order to hurt or scare or punish you. 
love shouldn’t hurt.
see you tomorrow.

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