#grlclbDAAM day 6 - financial abuse

one of the lesser known - or at least talked about - forms of abuse is financial abuse. this is one form of abuse which categorically centres around control - and, often, in a very literal sense. especially given that, as a society, we’re conditioned to be uncomfortable/ashamed/coy when talking about money, it makes it very easy to maintain control over someone when you’re controlling - or responsible for - their finances.
some behaviours involved in financial abuse are as follows:
  • preventing you from having access to your/your shared bank accounts/money
  • lending or giving you money, and then demanding to know how exactly you spend it
  • refusing to contribute towards expenses/bills/rent when cohabiting 
  • refusing to pay child support/maintenance where it’s due
  • refusing to let you work
  • incurring debt in your name
  • forcing you to take out loans in his name
  • gambling with your money
when an abusive partner is in control of your finances, it makes it easier for them to control you - especially when it comes to you seeking help, as it gives them leverage. even after a survivor has left the home, they can still be controlled by financial abuse. coercive control over finances also makes it much harder for victims of abuse to leave the relationship. it creates a barrier between survivors and independence. according to a survey of 126 women by women’s aid, 71% went without essentials because they didn’t have enough money and 52% of those living with their abusers said lack of money was what prevented them leaving.
you can read a report on financial abuse and the potential implications for universal credit here.
if you need help, you can phone scottish women’s aid helpline on 0800 027 1234, or the national domestic abuse helpline on 0800 2000 247.
see you tomorrow.

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