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roobs vs turning a blind eye

November 22, 2017 Roobs Leiser

when you run a business, and rely on drumming up customers/sales, it is very easy to become consumed by your own self-interest. so this is a conscious effort against that. the trussell trust is an anti-poverty charity that runs a network of foodbanks across the uk. as of april 2017, they were running 420 of them - a reflection of the growing demand & increase in food poverty throughout the country. the attendance at foodbanks had increased 7% on last year, with an estimated total of 1,182,954 3-day emergency food supply packs being supplied to people in crisis between april...

roobs vs mental health tourism

November 13, 2017 Roobs Leiser

another mental health awareness hashtag has come & gone, and once more i - like many others - are left, cold & lonely, in the shadow behind its fleeting spotlight. and, with each passing ‘day of awareness’, the more i’m able to understand and articulate where it fails.  i realise, this year, that the failure of some people advocating for mental health is that they approach disorders symptomatically. for example - someone who does not suffer from generalised anxiety might approach the issue of anxiety as a battle against feeling nervous before an event, or before meeting someone new, or...


November 13, 2017 Roobs Leiser

going through stuff, growing through stuff. models: shaheeda sinckler (@deedaaaf), nina siphesihle pinkie mdwaba (@boldieaintaboy) photographer: stew bryden (@stewbryden) MUA & hair: molly sheridan (@mjsheridanmua) shoot HQ provided by wild & kind studio, glasgow (@wildandkindstudio) locations: barras market, glasgow  

roobs vs her brain (for a change)

July 30, 2017 Roobs Leiser

the kaiser chiefs have a song called ‘love’s not a competition (but i’m winning)’. i’m thinking of doing a cover version called ‘mental health’s not a competition (but even if it was i’d still be losing). as far as i’m aware, a lot of people notice an uncontrollable competitive aspect to their mental illness - but instead of it being a case of ‘i’ve got it worse than you’, my daily experience is one of ‘why not me?’. i see people online (i know, i know, a piece in which a millennial talks about comparing herself to people on the...

put your vote where your mouth is

May 21, 2017 Roobs Leiser

mental health awareness week was great. there was a lot of awareness going on. did what it said on the tin. hashtags, discussions, support, and the telling of stories - some for the first time - adorned my various timelines. neurotypicals were educated, sufferers were comforted (hopefully) by the rampant solidarity. awareness reigned supreme. but awareness isn’t enough. now the passive bit is over, now sharing a post or using a hashtag or liking someone’s honesty about their struggle isn’t enough to make you a good person that cares. if you care about your friends/family members/diehard instagram followers who suffer...