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roobs vs hogmanay

December 30, 2017 Roobs Leiser

[TW: mental illness/self-harming behaviours]   it’s december 29th and i haven’t seen anyone say ‘new year, new me’ in regards to the fast approaching abyss that is 2018. or at least, not in so many words. however, while the positivity reigning from the majority of the internet is refreshing and, to be honest, very much needed after 2017, new year so often leaves me feeling more dejected than ever. i know this is by no means a refreshing or alternative take, but nevertheless i think it’s important to consider where we can find positivity in the often grandiose transformation plans...

roobs vs the christmas list, or: why books are better than people

December 18, 2017 Roobs Leiser

my maw will never let me live down the christmas, aged maybe 6 or 7, that my christmas list consisted in its entirety of 'a pencil sharpener'. in latter years, the only thing i've gotten good at asking for is books. so when i put out a call on instagram for your book suggestions, i found myself in literary heaven. feel free to add them all to your list, i'm sure you deserve them. ps. the copy & paste function (obvs instinctively typed 'pasta' there by accident) has intermittently given up on me, so i've just had to type out...

roobs vs turning a blind eye

November 22, 2017 Roobs Leiser

when you run a business, and rely on drumming up customers/sales, it is very easy to become consumed by your own self-interest. so this is a conscious effort against that. the trussell trust is an anti-poverty charity that runs a network of foodbanks across the uk. as of april 2017, they were running 420 of them - a reflection of the growing demand & increase in food poverty throughout the country. the attendance at foodbanks had increased 7% on last year, with an estimated total of 1,182,954 3-day emergency food supply packs being supplied to people in crisis between april...

roobs vs mental health tourism

November 13, 2017 Roobs Leiser

another mental health awareness hashtag has come & gone, and once more i - like many others - are left, cold & lonely, in the shadow behind its fleeting spotlight. and, with each passing ‘day of awareness’, the more i’m able to understand and articulate where it fails.  i realise, this year, that the failure of some people advocating for mental health is that they approach disorders symptomatically. for example - someone who does not suffer from generalised anxiety might approach the issue of anxiety as a battle against feeling nervous before an event, or before meeting someone new, or...


November 13, 2017 Roobs Leiser

going through stuff, growing through stuff. models: shaheeda sinckler (@deedaaaf), nina siphesihle pinkie mdwaba (@boldieaintaboy) photographer: stew bryden (@stewbryden) MUA & hair: molly sheridan (@mjsheridanmua) shoot HQ provided by wild & kind studio, glasgow (@wildandkindstudio) locations: barras market, glasgow