clean conscience vs clean colon

today is a milestone. it's official. i have made it.

today i received an email asking if i want to collaborate with a brand (which i will respectfully keep anonymous) on their detox tea. 

my boyfriend advised me against posting anything about them, just in case other brands were put off approaching me about legit projects in future. to be clear: my issue is not with promoting products, my issue is with promoting a product which lists dizziness, vomiting, and severe cramping as possible side effects of leaving a teabag in for too long.

i'm also somewhat offended by a person telling me they love my feed and how much i inspire women and that's why i'm so suited to their brand - when my instagram literally includes the following extended rant about these 'wellness' teas and their shameful targeting of young women desperate to alter their bodies:


'i've thrown shade at them before and i'll throw shade at them again - here's a reminder that behind every girl with a flat tummy because of a flat tummy tea there's a girl with a flat tummy because she's shit out the contents of her body.

getting fit is hard and crap and if it was as easy as drinking tea everyone on the planet who wanted beautiful sculpted abs would have them. i got up early and ran in public this week and wanted to die the whole time and almost threw up 83 times because that's what trying to get fit actually is.

and if you wanna go about it in the 'cleansing' way then at least don't let companies who use amy poehler 'i'm a cool mom' utterly false colloquial realness trick you into thinking that because they use phrases like 'bloat's a bitch!' they're on the level and trustworthy and you should spend $49 on a tea that has the exact same active ingredient (senna leaf) as straight-up honest laxative senokot which you can buy in tesco for £3.60 and is much less hassle because it's in tablet form so there's no pretence of having to brew it like a diarrhoea shaman.

i do not condone you doing this. i'd suggest just finding a good angle (as evidenced by every pic on my feed). if a website has to put a note telling you to keep your fluids up while taking their tea so as to avoid dehydration then it isn't something you should put in your body.'


i get that this is just their job. i get that they're not meaning any harm. i get that they don't have the time to properly research the people they reach out to. i get that it's just about numbers and engagement and likes. but it IS harmful. it's damaging, and irresponsible, and deceitful. there are impressionable, even vulnerable, girls who companies like this impact and exploit. i cannot stand for that. and i also cannot refuse to address it just in case other companies think i'm an untrustworthy bitch. because i'm not - but if the calling out of manipulation and potentially harmful marketing makes me so - i'm sorta ok with that. 

do no harm - but take no shit.


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