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roobs vs turning a blind eye

November 22, 2017 Roobs Leiser

when you run a business, and rely on drumming up customers/sales, it is very easy to become consumed by your own self-interest. so this is a conscious effort against that. the trussell trust is an anti-poverty charity that runs a network of foodbanks across the uk. as of april 2017, they were running 420 of them - a reflection of the growing demand & increase in food poverty throughout the country. the attendance at foodbanks had increased 7% on last year, with an estimated total of 1,182,954 3-day emergency food supply packs being supplied to people in crisis between april...


November 13, 2017 Roobs Leiser

going through stuff, growing through stuff. models: shaheeda sinckler (@deedaaaf), nina siphesihle pinkie mdwaba (@boldieaintaboy) photographer: stew bryden (@stewbryden) MUA & hair: molly sheridan (@mjsheridanmua) shoot HQ provided by wild & kind studio, glasgow (@wildandkindstudio) locations: barras market, glasgow  

put your vote where your mouth is

May 21, 2017 Roobs Leiser

mental health awareness week was great. there was a lot of awareness going on. did what it said on the tin. hashtags, discussions, support, and the telling of stories - some for the first time - adorned my various timelines. neurotypicals were educated, sufferers were comforted (hopefully) by the rampant solidarity. awareness reigned supreme. but awareness isn’t enough. now the passive bit is over, now sharing a post or using a hashtag or liking someone’s honesty about their struggle isn’t enough to make you a good person that cares. if you care about your friends/family members/diehard instagram followers who suffer...

there's something not qwhite right

March 12, 2017 Roobs Leiser

another year, another international women’s day - and, with it, a healthy dose of girls supporting girls. it would be really easy to leave it at that. it would be lovely to see women celebrating each other, and to be content that the world is learning. but, alas. among the tributes to women we've known - both personally and historically, the quotes, the illustrations, there crops up - of course - the thanking of various public figures who are fundamental in cultivating a culture of women’s empowerment. cue: lena dunham being hailed the world’s ultimate feminist. and i thought i...

the lookbook

February 21, 2017 Roobs Leiser

you know that thing with colds? how you can never remember how bad it is when you don’t have one?  well, you’d think that I’d have remembered - after the last time i did an open call on instagram (a giveaway) - the legit internal distress the selection process caused me. i cried a lot. this, of course, was conveniently absent from the periphery of my conscious memory when i decided to ask for people to put themselves forward for my debut lookbook photoshoot. i’m gonna level with you - i literally only need 3 people. 4 at most. and...