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a covid update & christmas info

re christmas:

as everything is made to order, and due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by covid, the cut-off date for unlimited choice of size/colour/fit is november 30th. some extras will be printed, meaning there will be a small amount of stuff in stock closer to christmas, but this will be in limited sizes etc; for the specific item you want guaranteed in time for christmas, please order before november 30th.

please also bear in mind the slower-than-usual turnaround times. this early cut-off is to ensure that all orders are posted in time for christmas, but there are still ongoing issues with production & delivery, as well as potential new unforeseen delays, so please be mindful of this. you will be contacted if any issues arise with your order - otherwise it will be on its way as soon as physically possible.

current outstanding orders:

there are, as of nov 19, no outstanding orders that have yet to be posted. if you have yet to receive your order, please email roobs@grlclb.com and i'll have it looked into and, if necessary, a replacement made up ASAP.

a word of thanks:

this is a brief note to say thank you. it's been a really hard few months, and I know that the waiting times have been frustrating. but it's not an exaggeration to say that your support is literally the thing that's kept grlclb alive - and, with it, at least 2 other small local businesses that are part of my production line. I cannot thank you all enough. stay safe xxx