hi friends,

as you know we're facing an unprecedented situation in the face of this pandemic. a couple of weeks ago, a bulk order was placed with the supplier, as it seemed likely that they would cease trading before long. this has now happened.

this blank stock was then allocated to designs, and taken to the printer. printing is done locally - a 7 minute drive from my home, in fact - by a team of 2. as precautions began to be taken, the processes involved in getting the stock from the supplier, to me, to the printer, and back to me, began to become disrupted and, as a result, took longer than expected.

long story short, with the lockdown now in place, the entirety of grlclb's allocated stock is currently trapped behind locked doors, and i am entirely powerless to collect it. this is a devastating blow to a small business like grlclb. 

if possible, i am asking that you do not request refunds at this time. mass-refunding would signal the end of grlclb. all orders are accounted for, and all will be dispatched as soon as i am physically able to do so. if you can hold off, out of pocket, for a while longer, you would be directly contributing to the survival of this business. 

i cannot thank you enough for the support you've shown over the years. everything i have ever sent out has been packaged by my own two hands, and has been crafted with all of my love. brb lovely pals x

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