april 16

hi friends,

during this extended lockdown, i am doing everything within my power to keep grlclb running. 

as i use a local printer with a staff of just 2, that is no longer open to the public, it's a very different - and much slower - process than usual. but while we can continue to make it work - albeit slightly clumsily - it means two small local businesses are helping each other survive this.

my local post office has also closed its doors for the time being. this means that shipping things - and doing so safely - has become much more challenging, and i am therefore only travelling to the city centre branch to drop off orders once a week.

royal mail is currently experiencing massive delays and, while frustrating, it's important we recognise that these key workers are risking a lot to continue bringing us our post. once i have dropped everything off with the post office, this next stage of delivery is out of my hands. things may take much longer than usual to reach you.

i want to thank you for your patience, for your understanding, and for your solidarity at this time. many businesses, just like this one, will cease to exist when this is over, and if i can weather this storm it will be thanks entirely to you.

i cannot thank you enough for the support you've shown over the years. everything i have ever sent out has been packaged by my own two hands, and has been crafted with all of my love. brb lovely pals x

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